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The 3D pen appears, like the 3D printer, as one of the most innovative inventions of recent years!No more flat drawings without "souls" on our sheets of paper! It is now possible to give life to our masterpieces!

This project was made possible thanks to the collaborative site Kickstarter and was much more successful than expected since it brought back more than 30 times the necessary money for its development. That's more than a million dollars, while Max Bogue ( who worked for a toy manufacturing company in Hong Kong ) and Peter Dilworth ( independent inventor for MIT ), the creators expected only $ 75,000. To achieve such a feat, its creators have equipped the pen with an ABS plastic ( plastic used by many 3D printers ) that heats during the handling of the pen and which solidifies in contact with the air. In addition to revolutionizing the way we draw, the 3D pen ( or 3Doodler ) allows infinite possibilities! It offers the opportunity to whoever wishes to make his own fashion accessories ( glasses, bracelets, ... ) and why not create our own outfits! Some artists on the Etsy platform have already tried this new gadget, and many works of art have already emerged. Before Choosing a 3d pen always check for 3d pen user reviews so that you will dont waste your money on some scrap chinese pens. Another Product that became popular as 3d pen is conductive ink pen. These 3d pens works with ABS/PLA filaments. New technology is using cool ink to write in 3d. See the list of best cool ink 3d pens

3d pen buiyers guide infographic

But do not panic ! The 3D pen is within the reach of everyone ( a little time of adaptation is obviously expected ), and is available from 95 €! ( Full kit on this site ) This is totally reasonable compared to a traditional 3D printer that is well worth the double. THIS PEN HAS CONQUERED ME, AND INTRIGUES ME AS TO ITS USE. I HOPE I CAN TEST IT ONE OF THESE DAYS .. AND YOU?

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